Washing machinery

Officine Conterno has machines for washing materials contaminated by the presence of earth and clays. Thanks to the special design of the internal chamber which has a high number of blades and propellers for tumbling and moving the aggregates, the drums maximize the effect of the attraction of and washing of dirty and slimy materials. All internal parts which are more prone to wear and tear are bolted to the outer drum and are easy to replace.


Officine Conterno’s SFB drum washers are machinery designed for the energetic washing of materials with high amounts of earth and clay. The duration of the washing process and the specific configuration of the washing chamber ensure that these drum washers guarantee optimal washing. The materials move forward in the opposite direction to the water circulation also guaranteeing a high degree of aggregates cleaning. The inner lining can be made from wear-resistant sheet metal, rubber or polyurethane. In some specific applications, these machines also guarantee an excellent separation of the organic materials present in aggregates, such as wood, foliage, pine needles and others.


We have a complete range of LWC log washers for cleaning alluvial aggregates or aggregates from reclamation excavations. Today, our machines are increasingly used in soil washing processes for the decontamination of soils from hydrocarbons and heavy metals.

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