Conveyor belts

Officine Conterno’s conveyor belts are designed to transport solids in general and can be produced in a standard design or based on specific client needs.

In addition to aggregates, the company manufactures conveyor belts on wheels for transporting goods, for waste treatment, for the food and animal feed sectors and in all applications where you need to carry large quantities of materials and have a controlled handling cost.

Officine Conterno’s conveyor belts can be made in angular trellis structures or in:

pipe, tubing or iron UNP

bent sheet metal

stainless steel


Thanks to the experience gained over the years, the company is able to design and implement transportation systems for all kinds of bulk material and in particular for the most demanding applications, such as MUNICIPAL SOLID waste recycling, CDR, ashes from incinerators, cullet and biomass, as well as more traditional jobs such as transporting sands or gravels. Officine Conterno has cutting-edge technological solutions, designed and created to meet customer needs.

Metal plate conveyors

Metal plate conveyors are robustly constructed machines, suitable for transporting bulky waste, wood, paper or plastic. They are normally used for feeding presses in waste treatment plants and are also used in the pulp or wood processing industry.

Bucket elevators

Roller conveyors

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