Magnetic separators

Magnetic separators

The iron removers produced by Officine Conterno are machines used to separate ferrous materials from inert materials in waste treatment and recycling plants. These tools are also used in the plastics and wood industries and in mineral grinding plants for the ceramics and glass industries.

The installation of an iron removal conveyor optimises the inert materials recycling process, thereby reducing costs and increasing profits.

Each machine is guaranteed for years by Officine Conterno, which also offers a valuable after sales support service and interventions for routine maintenance and repairs.

Officine Conterno manufactures customised plants, machinery and solutions based on client requests and needs. Thanks to our valuable team of designers and technical operators, every phase of the design and construction of an iron separator is overseen with extreme care and professionalism.

Officine Conterno’s iron removers are real magnetic separators, which are distinguished by the presence of high-efficiency permanently magnetic plates that, depending on the case, can be made of ferrite or neodymium.

Ferrite is used in the case of coarse separations without special requirements, while neodymium is used in cases where more stringent separations are needed to eliminate very small ferrous metal particles.

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